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Dumb Little LJ

taping my life to a telephone pole

Obi-Wago Kenobi
I'm a fanboy.
single issue comic buy list: Dr Blink: Superhero Shrink, Ex Machina, Runaways, Thing, X-Factor
trade/hardcover buy list: Birds of Prey, Blue Monday, Ex Machina, Hopeless Savages, Invincible, Noble Causes, Outsiders, Queen & Country, Runaways, She-Hulk, Spider-Girl, Supreme Power, Ultimates, Y: the Last Man
Yeah, Ex Machina and Runaways are listed twice - I'll buy the singles and trades.

I also love wrestling.
WWE Faves: Kurt Angle, Batista, Big Show, Chris Benoit, MNM, Mr Kennedy (...Kennedy)
TNA Faves: @Lx Shelley, Christian Cage, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe
Other Faves: Blitzkrieg, Kanyon, Low Ki

I roleplay - tabletop and online.
Left Turn at Westchester - Alex Summers, Doug Ramsey, Toad, Julian Keller
Slayer of Vampyres - Domenic Blake (OC), Royden Solomon (OC), Rachel Messina (OC)
Evolution Unbound - Warren Worthington III, Fred Dukes, Shinobi Shaw (NPC)
X-Men: Invictus - Alex Summers

So, I'm pretty much a big fat dork.